About LifeSteps

Misssion Statement

 Our goal was not to have our own ministry and one thing for certain is, it is not ours but the Lord’s. Therefore as stewards of His ministry, our desire is to be faithful and obedient to the direction which He is leading us. LifeSteps is a Christ-centered organization that trains leaders with Jesus' model for disciple making. This leads to transformed churches and disciples fully yielded to Christ and disciples who desire to train others also. 

What We Do With The Wayuu

 The Wayuu Training Center was established in October of 2015.  We have 34 leaders and the Pastor from the host church involved in the training. This training will likely take more than 3 years for two reasons: 1) Many of the participants are illiterate or slow in reading so we do much of the teaching through storytelling and 2) almost all of our participants speak Wayunakki language so we translate from English to Spanish to Wayunakki.

A Look At LifeSteps